Saturday, July 29, 2006

We're gonna make it a good one.

Okay, I am so pumped. Tonight, the girls and I are heading to the BIG TDOT for a night of drink, music, dance, laughter and I am sure making big assess of ourselves! Considering, for the past year I've been pregnant, and home with a baby, a night of drunkenness is greatly needed. I love being a mom, but lets be honest, 3 small children can really wear ya down! Every now and then a girl needs a night with the girls to recoup. That and nothing beats some adult conversation.

A band we really like will be at Gracie O'Malleys this weekend. They are Signall Hill, from The Lower Deck in Halifax. This will be our third trip to Gracie's in the past year to see them. Gracie's is a great bar as well. I highly recommend both the band and the bar.

The last time I got to get dressed up like a big girl and head out on the town, was back in October. I was 3 months pregnant, and drank water all night. I have to make up for that night. I bought these wicked high wedge sandals and a great new shirt. I am ready to go. Camera in hand of course.

These pics are from the last Gracie's trip, Oct 05.

Watch out Tdot, here we come. We're gonna make it a good one.

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