Monday, June 26, 2006

Tutu's and Tiara's, OH MY!

Well its finally here and gone. Last September we started the Girl in dance. She is an energetic little creature, dance would sure help burn off some energy. Ha! Now she's a prima donna...what have we done?

Dance runs from Sept to June, with it all ending in a star studded, expensive, did I say expensive stage show at a local theatre here in town. Our dance studio was celebrating its 25th year, so it was a really big blow out this year.

The last months have been hectic with the everyone learning their steps. The Girl's class, of course is the youngest at the studio. Tiny little ones, mostly just doing their own thing. But very cute on stage.

We put the Girl in dance with the attitude, as long as she's having fun and wants to do it, we will keep her in it. With the pressure of the year end show date looming, your typical "pageant moms, stage moms, whatever you want to call them were out in full force. June is like hunting season for them. We overheard one such mom telling her daughter in an incredibly harsh voice, " You've only 2 weeks to get it right".....the little girl was maybe 5.

Where do these moms come from? Seriously, living vicariously through their kids or what. The Girl did very well on stage. No stage fright, and she followed her teachers actions and made us proud. However, had she gone up there and froze in sheer fright, it would have been just as cute and I would have been just as proud. I mean come on, blond, blue eyed in a tutu is as cute as it gets.

So $320 for lessons, $110 for taps, ballet slippers, practice tights, tutu and leotard, $95 for recital costume, $3 for frilly socks, $25 for dance photos, $40 for recital tickets, $10 for flowers, $50 for DVD of recital (with your daughter appearing for 5 minutes............watching your daughter's first public performance in front of 1000 people.........PRICELESS

With dance and tball over for the summer, our Saturday mornings are ours again. Nice.

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