Tuesday, March 13, 2007


The boy has the gift of gab to the point where it could make you mental. He will talk to anyone in great length about pretty much anything. The topics are usually pretty obscure, and most people humour him. I am sure they are thinking the kid is nuts. Where ever we go, if someone so much as says hello, the kid starts a long drawn out and detailed chat about such things as the merits of cheetahs as pets. We seriously need to have that whole stranger talk again.

The other day Eric takes the boy to the First Choice Hair Cutters. The boy is sitting in the chair, the lady is politely chatting with him. Suddenly, the boy blurts out:

I want to be a chameleon

The lady: Why do you want to be a chameleon?

The boy: Because I really want to change colours.


Today was a beautiful day and Eric was trying to convince the boy to go outside. The boy was playing with his dragons with zero interest in leaving his current activity.

The boy: I don't wanna go for a walk

Eric: We can go on a dragon hunt.

The boy: I know what your doing and you'll never outsmart me.

He turns six shortly..

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