Saturday, December 30, 2006

Gingerbread whats?

Every Christmas I baked these certain rolled sugar cookies for our kids to leave for Santa. These are a huge family favorite, so we always make lots. "We" spend hours decorating them with icing and sprinkles. By "we", you know I mean that my kids and husband decorate, oh, about 4 each and then I am stuck to decorate the rest. Which would be about 4 dozen. For just me. It takes FOREVER. Just me, all by my lonesome.

To avoid that, I invited a friend and her two kids over to have a cookie decorating party. Crazy you say? Kids and sugar out the wazoo? Brave? Yes, yes I am. That or just plain stupid.

The kids were raring to go. The sugar fumes going straight to their heads. Icing of all colours covered them and their cookies. Some of the little Picasso's cookies so laden with sprinkles, one could barely lift them. It was a frenzy of dipping, dripping and sprinkling. The kids sneaking sugar every chance they could get. Then, when they tired of the fun, they headed off to the playroom. A gaggle of sugar highs, the playroom was met with a fury it had never seen before.
While they tore around the playroom, my friend and I stayed the course. We still had a bazillion cookies to finish. Onward, we trudged.

What do you think happens when two adult females are left alone, high off the sugar fumes them self, decorating cookie after cookie after cookie. Boredom sets in. Then two very creative females find ways to make the cookies a little different. I mean, there is only so much you can do with stars, trees and candy canes. Gingerbread men, now, that just opens up a whole new world.

Meet Gingerpimp and his Gingerho's...

Leave it to my friend and I to completely taint an innocent holiday tradition.

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