Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Turkey Memoirs and such

This past weekend was thanksgiving. We had the family over for a big traditional turkey dinner. My husband has an obsession with turkey. As in we've had to buy a bigger stove and a bigger roast pan just to accommodate this obsession.

It was a 30lb bird this year. A little smaller than normal..thankfully.

He was working so I had to prep the bugger myself. I kept thinking of the Mr. Bean episode where he ended up with his head up the turkeys ass. That could have been me. I could barely lift the thing, and it came down to me hauling it around by its ankles. Do turkey's even have ankles? Well I fought the turkey, and I won. So there.

Here's proof:

Notice the bottle of wine, compared to the size of the bird. I am a little turkey'd out now.

When I was not in the room, a couple male family members thought it would be funny to let the baby gnaw on the turkey leg....and photograph it. Yes, that's correct. Abuse my baby and take pictures as proof. Was I could say just a"wee" bit. He hasn't even had veggies yet the buggers.

Notice the death grip on the turkey leg. Okay, he only licked the thing, but still. Mind you, he was nearly beside himself with excitement.

The baby: *wow so much better than that crappy rice mush they try and pass off as food. Now this, this is real food. Goo goo blah blah*

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving.

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