Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Girlism

The girl refused to go into the playroom today, because she spotted a large spider on the wall. Oh happy day for me. The conversation went like this:

The girl: Mommy, there's a big spider on the wall. I'm not going in until you kill it.

Me: I am busy with the baby right now, go on and I'll..ahh...find something to squish it. (As in something with a VERY long handle so there is no way I will have contact with such creature) (that or phone someone to come remove it depending on its size...you think I am joking?? )

The girl: Okay, you squish it then I'll kick its babies.

Me: What??? (admist bursts of laughter)

What is she like the baby Mafia of the playroom? No bugs on her turf?

Mommy's love me, bugs fear me.

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