Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why not to eat a Coconut

So my husband decides to buy a coconut the other day while doing the weekly grocery shop. He however, made one grave error. He took a small child on this errand. A small child with a penchant for befriending the oddest things. Like lets say a coconut. Lets face it, when you see a coconut, you are overwhelmed the desire to pet it, name it and make it your own right?

I am not even remotely joking. The Boy comes in the house, with the look of excitement only a child of five could muster. Clutched for dear life in his little hands is a coconut wrapped in plastic. On the ride home, he became quite attached to the said coconut, even naming it Hairy. My husband, did not have the heart to crack that coconut open in front of him. He surrendered his craving and left the Boy and the coconut alone to bond. The Boy totes "Hairy" around for the rest of the day, playing with him in the backyard.

Like most children, the Boy soon forgot poor Hairy and moved on to play pirates. Leaving the beloved Hairy outside somewhere in the yard. The next day, he becomes distraught when he realizes Hairy spent the night outside. We search the yard, as he couldn't quite remember where Hairy was left. We find Hairy. A huge crack down one side. Love turns to curiosity, curiosity to hunger. Hey mom, Can we eat him?

We convince him not to eat it, as it sat out all night, and yes, I fear there could be insects inside the thing. So my husband, still with his coconut craving, heads back to the Grocery store. He comes home with three coconuts. One for the Boy to name and befriend, one for the Girl to name and befriend and a third to crack open and eat. Finally he gets his coconut.

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