Friday, February 10, 2006

Blogs get forgotten when life turns up the volume

It was time to change the Christmas theme...mind you, with all the bloody snow, it does look like we should be hanging our crap up again. I was totally for the snow less, spring like weather thing January had going for it. Now I am surrounded by pure white misery every time I must leave my home.

What has kept me away from my blog....holidays, renovating, selling, buying a home, pregnancy, Ebola outbreak...the usual.

First , we finally decided this shoe box condo we live in will not accommodate three children, so we've found a four bedroom we love, in the same neighbour hood, finished renovating the condo, put it up for sale, and are now awaiting for the latest offer to firm up. Just a regular day in the life of us.

During the past week of having about 5 showings a day, our family of four lay in heaps across the living sofa, dog included, suffering from various stages of the Ebola...err I mean...flu bug.
This was the flu that kept on ticking...every time we thought we were getting over it, the next day was worse. We have one bathroom. ONE. Did I mention one bathroom. It was not a fun week. I could get into really gory but very funny details, but my stomach is still struggling to regain itself....(while being kicked to death on the inside but what I am sure is the next NFL champ, more on HIM later)

So here I am 6 months pregnant, about to start my third trimester and I have to pack my entire house and move by March 31st. Then I have to unpack my entire house and get ready for this baby coming in May. Yup. Go big or go home, I always say.

Seriously, I plan on walking (okay who am I kidding, waddling) around moving day with a clip board and a whistle. All the while looking like a basketball on stilts.

More later.

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