Saturday, November 12, 2005

Three Times a Charm..or so "they" say

Yeah Me....I realized I have neglected my blog and should probably write some sorta up date of my hectic life. I've been quite busy reorganizing, de-cluttering, renovating my home in the past month or so and as well as discovering that I am yet again pregnant. Hence the yeah me.

I have come to believe I am kinda like Carla off of Cheers....I think if my husband stands close enough to me while I am ovulating, I could very well get pregnant from his nearness. Two years we were very very careful, (if you met my two year old daughter, you would know very well, we wouldn't have willingly chanced having another!!LOL) Just once we were not careful, and it was that moment God decided to show his sense of humour and remind us whose
really in charge of our meager little lives. The big guy. So now once again I am knocked up, have a bun in the oven, preggo, doing a Carla, pregnant, whatever the boo you want to call it. Yep. Me. Soon to be mother of three? Wow, someone sure has a lot of faith in me.

I've decided to do some research on the merits of valium, paxil, or prozac to see which will be my drug of choice once this third little being comes into my life. Yep. That or little men in white coats could very well come and cart me off. On the upside, I look good in white.

Seriously, we are happy. I am a strong believer in things happen for a reason. I was shocked at first (to say the friggin least) but now I am accepting of my fate. Never mind the fact I had given away every bit of baby thing I owned, Mat clothes, baby clothes, everything and anything baby was farmed out to anyone I could find. " Hey you, you need a car seat? A swing? An excersaucer? I was like a drug dealer peddling crack. Please come on, you need a bouncy seat. I know you do. Just one try and you can't live without it! I harassed anyone I knew just so I could create space in my seriously space lacking home. And now look at me. I've got to buy it all over again! AHHHH Don't you just love fate. Love to give him a big ol' smack upside the head?? Trip him down the stairs....sorry that was my "outside" voice.

Yep, as of May 2006, we'll be a family of five. Oi vey.

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