Thursday, November 17, 2005

Let it Snow...How cruel a world

The boy is running around the house in full on excitement because its the first snowfall of the year. Oh happy day. Maybe its time to make him shovel the crap. See how much he loves it then! HAHA! Okay, seriously kidding. Never mind the fact the temperature has dropped to below freezing. Ok, it hasn't, but is sure as hell feels like it. I hate snow. I hate the cold. I hate winter. I could go so far to say I hate Christmas. I need to move to Australia. Their going into summer over there. I think we are the backward ones.

Back to my hatred of snow. I hate having to bundle up in a jacket so bulky, I feel like the little brother from A Christmas Story, cause he can't put his arms down and I sure as hell can't. Never mind the fact I am pregnant and I will grow to a point that said bulky jacket will not zip up and my big round belly will be exposed to winters cruel elements. AND NO, I refuse to buy a BIGGER coat. I would be barely able to stand up right if I get a coat with any more bulk.

Then because I have to take my son around the back of the school, where I am sure only Arctic winds seem to blow, I have to wear a gay hat to keep from freezing to death back there. I stand there nearly an ice cube while fourteen little four year old's run around likes it the middle of summer. How do these little people NOT feel the cold. Okay, I get that their running around on their little sugar highs, but seriously, the wind at the back of the school is not from this world. Its bloody too cold to be out.

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