Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yoga...for the REALLY flexible..

Of which I am so NOT. Which I discovered tonight, at my first yoga class ever. I came armed with my newly purchased Yoga Mat (I have a thing about germs, so I bought my own) purple of course..a bottle of water, and my good attitude. (snicker snicker)

First there were two men in the class, which made me slightly uncomfortable especially when one choose his spot directly in front of me.

The instructor, while knowledgeable, speaks so softly, its very hard to hear her over the sounds of birds tweeting, the crickets chirping. (her choice of "music").

We play this really gay get to know you game, say your name and strike a pose. Then the whole class proceeds to mimic your pose. Yah, um, this would be great if we were all well schooled in the art of Yoga, but it appears 80% of the class are new. So the pose they strike is more along the lines of something you'd see in a Madonna video. I was in my element! Yoga Smoga, VOGUE I say!!

Finally we get into some REAL Yoga stuff, which made me & my poor body scream. Warrior 1, Down Dog, Lotus, CatCow to name a few of these interesting positions. I felt my body burn in places I didn't know it could. And Yes, I was hurting the next day. Overall, I love it!! Just think how flexible I will be at the end of this 14 week program..that or in a body's

Kamistade yadda yadda yadda...(I have a lot to learn about Yoga lingo just yet.)

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