Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mosquito Lovng least I was published! lol

Ok, it was only in the local paper under letter to Editor, but all the same, my name was in print. Me! Cross it off of things to do before I die.

The first letter is from some whack job who has an "odd" love for mosquitoes. Anyone who knows me, knows the absolute hatred I have for anything I had to respond to bug boy. And they actually printed my response!! YEAH ME!!

Be Kind to Mosquitoes By Hank

I must agree with Stephanie McColl regarding her July 28th letter, Don't Shoot The Goose. Her opinions about geese is similar to my opinion's about mosquitoes.

Killing mosquitoes is not the answer. I understand people who may get frustrated with mosquito bites, sucking their fill of people's blood, having them fly around people and preventing them from enjoying the outdoors, but that doesn't give people the right to kill a sentient being which experiences emotions and feels pains just as humans do. (what a stupid stupid man)

It's that kind of destructive attitude that shows just how greedy humans can be.

Maybe we are in the way of mosquitoes, instead of vice verse. I'm sure the mosquitoes get frustrated when they are chased away from their homes and are killed just so that we can enjoy the outdoors.

It is our responsibility to change our ignorant behaviour towards mosquitoes. We have to learn to co-exist peacefully with animals. (ANIMALS????)

Instead of destroying their habitats with our technology and superior attitudes, (I SHOULD HOPE MOST HUMANS WOULD THINK THEY ARE SUPERIOR TO A BLOODY INSECT)we
should back off and let them live peacefully.

Not Killing Mosquitoes which get in our way is a beginning. There may be an overpopulation now, but in time, nature will balance itself . (How about I balance you out??)

In the meantime, don't expose your bare arms and legs, stay inside during those warm summer evenings, enjoy the winters instead, and be patient. It's much more humane than killing innocent creatures. (Um get a life...I hate stupid people)


Ok, now my published response in our local paper( a very liberal paper at that gack!!), true award winning, literary genius...ha!

Mosquitoes are Killers By Micki Jackson

Ok, I can simply not let this one go: Be Kind to Mosquitoes, the Aug. 3rd letter by Hank. I have read some inane letters in the paper, but this wins top prize. It must be a hoax. Someone who enjoys getting a rise out of people. Then it comes to mind, this man may be serious.

Do you honestly think mosquitoes have feelings and thoughts? Do you really think an insect(they are not animals) is capable of feeling frustrated? Does Hank eat meat or vegetables? Can he hear the vegetables scream when he eats them?

Honestly, anyone with access to the Internet can do a little research through Google and find the following: "The most dangerous threat to homo sapiens, most likely remains, the humble mosquito. In the developing world's tropics, mosquito-transmitted malaria kills up to 2.7 million people a year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although malaria was virtually eliminated from North America a half century ago, no mosquito expert sleeps soundly here. With bad luck, the disease could fly in on a mosquito's wings"

So I say squish them, smush them, zap them. Whatever it takes. Let's show those mosquitoes who is in charge.

And Hank, Get a hobby. (Ok, so they edited out this last comment, it is after all a liberal paper)

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